Hi Lisa,

My name is Farrah Jochai and I just ordered and read your book - Zalman Ber. I'm emailing you to thank you for writing this. My grandpa, Boris Jochai, passed away when I was too young to understand or appreciate his experiences and I have been craving more of a connection to his background and trying to research him and the other Jewish Partisans.

My great aunt Pesia, Boris' sister, has told me about your father Sol and how he helped my grandpa Boris in the US. I have seen pictures of him since I was very young and always assumed he was related to me.

Thank you again for writing this book and giving me an opportunity to learn more about my grandpa's life and experiences. This has given me a deeper sense of connection and appreciation. I don't have children yet, but when I do I am going to share this book with them and make sure they know who Sol was.

Also - such a small world as I read that your family opened a synagogue in Scottsdale. My dad, Larry Jochai, moved our family to Scottsdale in 1994 and I have lived here since.

Farrah Jochai